Laro't Saya sa Parke

Laro’t Saya sa Parke (LSP) was created under the Memorandum Circular No. 49 issued by the Office of the President (OP) of the Philippines. It is a park-based and family-oriented sports-for-all program of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) designed as a national campaign to draw the Filipino Family into playing and learning sports together. Through this Program, parks will become the ultimate grounds from which every family member values and practices “togetherness” in sports and life.    

The program aims to develop sports appreciation, lifelong healthy habits for adults and Senior Citizens, a support system from family and peers, and involvement of the community, GOs, and NGOs.

The LSP Program encourages the participation, support and adoption of, but not limited to sports namely Aerobics, Karatedo, Arnis, Taekwondo, Badminton, Volleyball, Chess, Indigenous sports and games, Football and Tai-chi.