NAGA CITY, CEBU - On 25 - 26 November 2017, the Philippine Sports Commission - Philippine Sports Institute Children’s Games Sports For Peace was held in Naga City, Cebu. The 2-day event at the Naga Plaza, East Poblacion featured events such as Arnis, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball and Parlor Games. 651 participants including Children, Ate/ Kuya and Barangay Captains from 28 Barangays namely; Alfaco, Bairan, Balirong, Cabungahan, Cantao-an, Central Poblacion, Cogon, Colon, East Poblacion, Inayagan, Inoburan, Jaguimit, Lanas, Langtad, Lutac, Mainit, Mayana, Naalad, North Poblacion, Pangdan, Patag, South Poblacion, Tagjaguimit, Tangke, Tinaan, Tuyan, Uling and West Poblacion.


“El Presidente”, PSC Commissioner Ramon S. Fernandez shared equal amount of happiness and enjoyment with the kids. The PSC Commissioner and former basketball player showed the kids the right way of passing a basketball to their teammate. His message to all the participants is simply to enjoy the games and have fun. He also awarded medals to the most disciplined Barangay during the games and even signed the back of the t-shirts of kids who were his fans.


To add more entertainment, the Ronald McDonald gang on Day 1 and Jollibee and friends on Day 2 grooved with the kids in search for the best dancer of the day. Dance exercises, intermission numbers from different Dance Troupes, game sets like karang-karang, pingpong ball relay, hula hoop relay and sack race, Arnis demonstration from Philippine Arnis Team and lots and lots of colourful balloons, flags and loot bags added simple joys to the participating children aged 12 years old and below.

Rain or shine, the kids proved that they are unstoppable when it comes to playing and doing what they love.