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Philippine Sports Museum visit of Students of Poveda School

15 October 2015


On October 13, 2015, 120 students from Saint Pedro Poveda School-Quezon City branch had the opportunity to visit the PSC Museum and witness the display of memorabilia collections donated by our sports heroes.


They were divided into two batches. The first batch came in the morning and the second batch was scheduled in the afternoon. As they were toured around the exhibit area they were informed about the lives and careers of the noted athletes displayed at the Museum. They were amazed about the new knowledge they learned and were inspired of the excellent accomplishments of our Sports Legends. After their visit at the Museum, they were guided around the Sports Facilities and Venues of the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex. The students saw the actual field where the athletes had their practice. They were given the chance to try some of the activities done by the athletes such as stepping inside the boxing gym, wearing of boxing gloves and hitting of the punching bags used by the boxers. They were also allowed to run around the Track and Field Oval. The students were delighted with the new experience they learned.

The educational tour was made possible through the effort of the Easytours Travel & Events Management Company. Its business is to provide excellent educational tours to its school/university clients.