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The Role of PSC and POC

ØProvide opportunity to avail education for sports enthusiasts through scholarships

ØProvide advance learning and world-class knowledge on different sports

ØProvide opportunities to the remote areas on different regions of the country and those who cannot avail the college education; for multiple certification courses for different sports

ØUplift the standards of the athletes, coaches and trainers through online education


Who can avail the Scholarship

ØMust be a High School graduate

ØFilipino Citizen

ØMust reside in the Philippines

ØWith Good Moral Character


As a scholar, how does it work?

ØScholars must pass the online exams and comply with the requirements along the line of the course

ØScholars must apply/transfer their learning through actual presentations and/or conduct of programs

§Conducting Grassroots Program in their community

§Running / Officiating Sports Program

ØScholars will be given certificate for the courses completed, considered as a college diploma upon approval / accreditation by the Higher Education.

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For submission of applications and other inquiries, kindly email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.