Philippine Center for Sports Medicine



“The Philippine Center for Sports Medicine’s mission is to provide optimum care to Filipino National Athletes and to maximize their athletic performance through sports science and sports medicine services, education and research.

The Philippine Center for Sports Medicine (PCSM) is also entrusted to assist in promoting physical fitness and sports participation among Filipinos of all ages and abilities, encouraging them to adopt healthy lifestyles that will lead to useful, meaningful and productive lives.”



At the Philippine Center for Sports Medicine, we consider Filipino Athletes as our primary concern. We exist for and because of them. We utilize the best of our knowledge, skills and attitudes in providing them with optimum medical care and all possible scientific support that they may perform creditably to the best of their abilities, giving honor to themselves and to the country.

At the Philippine Center for Sports Medicine, we put emphasis on the development of our staff by providing them a healthy environment, making available to them every opportunity to reach their full potentials, and giving them the necessary training and experience to continuously improve their skills.

The Philippine Center for Sports Medicine aims to devote time, effort and resources in assisting Filipinos in their quest for sports excellence, and in producing a healthy and fit citizenry, by making available to all the latest knowledge, techniques, development and innovations in the field of sports medicine and sports science. 

The Philippine Center for sports Medicine aspires to emerge as the leading institution in Sports Medicine and Sports Science in the country, attain and maintain a level of excellence through sustained growth, vigorous expansion of its programs and facilities, maintenance of a core group of top notch sports scientists, and prompt delivery of quality services in Sports Medicine and Sports Science to the Filipino People most especially, to the Filipino Athletes.