National Sports


INSPIRED BY the efforts and initiatives of many sports leaders, visionaries and mentors who have contributed to the building blocks of athletic excellence, and to the widening and strengthening of grassroots sports;

ACKNOWLEDGING the contributions, involvements, influences and impacts of the public, and private and government entities, the local government units and communities, the educational institutions, and the many sports organizations in making the Philippines a country of sport champions, highlighted by a remarkable gain in 2021 with an Olympic gold, two silver medals, and a bronze medal;

AFFIRMING the principles of: the Olympic Movement; the UNESCO International Charter of Physical Education and Sport; the 1992 Philippine Sport Summit; the 2003 Tagaytay Women in Sports Resolutions; the launch of National Unified Sports Program (NUSP) and the operationalization of the renamed Philippine Sports Institute (Philsports) in 2005; the 10-point Partnership Agenda of the 1st PSC Call for Action and Partnership 2006; the Joint Sports Stakeholders’ Summit on November 9, 2007 which affirmed the first cycle of the Philippine Sports Development Plan and endorsed its sports development vision to the government’s social development sector and NEDA; the “Call for Action and Partnership” by various provinces in 2008; the 2016-2017 Sectoral Consultations which led in the formulation of second cycle of the Philippine Sports Development Plan; and the several sports and legal documents:

FURTHER BELIEVING in the continuing campaign for the development of Philippine Sports moved forward by sportsmen across sectors nationwide: the Sports Congress in 2010 where the tripartite agreement (PSC-POC-NSA) was forged; the 2013 PSC-LGU Sports Assembly which was attended the various LGUs; and all other sports Congresses and Assemblies that took place from 2014-2015;

WE, sports practitioners, sports leaders, sports managers, sports visionaries, sports mentors, athletes, coaches, and supporters of Philippine Sports, come together in spirit and virtually to adopt the following RESOLUTIONS and their OUTPUTS that shall guide our efforts and strategic directions for a better Philippine Sports:  

Resolution 1

Make sports accessible to the greatest number of Filipinos through a sports-for-all program that generates a productive and empowered citizenry, a healthy lifestyle, and a sporting culture – highlighting the maximum participation of the marginalized sectors such as women and girls, elderly, indigenous communities and differently-abled.