SEN. Christopher Lawrence "Bong" Go, chairman of the Senate Committee on Sports, vowed to continue promoting the welfare of Filipino athletes and strengthening the country's grassroots sports program.

Recently, Go successfully sponsored an additional budget for the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) in order to support the preparation, training, and participation of Filipino athletes in upcoming sports competition and to implement effective programs to hone the skills of more young and aspiring athletes.

Particularly, the increase in the PSC's 2023 budget reflected in the General Appropriations Act is intended to support the Filipino athletes in the 2022 Asian Games, 2023 Southeast Asian Games and 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

Athletes competing in the Asean Para Games, Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games, World Combat Games, World Beach Games, Asian Beach Games and World Beach Games will also receive support.

Likewise, athletes competing for the Philippine Swimming Inc. will have their training subsidized.

Portions of the funds were allotted for the country's hosting of the FIBA World Cup in 2023 as well as for several sports programs such as Batang Pinoy, the Philippine National Games and the grassroots program under the Sports Development Council.

Moreover, funding was allocated for the development of sports infrastructure across the country, as well as for advanced research and development in sports sciences and sports technology.

The provision of other financial assistance to Filipino athletes was also funded.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. signed Republic Act (RA) 11936 or the "General Appropriations Act of 2023" in a ceremony attended by Go at the Malacañang Palace on December 16.

Go is convinced that if the government invests in sports, the Philippines will be able to produce more world-class athletes.

It will also help the government's campaign to discourage young people from engaging in harmful vices like illegal drug use.

"As I have said, get into sports, stay away from illegal drugs. This is one way to continue the campaign against illegal drugs," said Go.

Go also cited RA 11470, establishing the National Academy of Sports (NAS) in New Clark City, Capas, Tarlac. He co-authored and co-sponsored the said law. A government-run learning facility, the NAS offers a secondary education program with an integrated special curriculum on sports which was developed in close coordination with the Department of Education and PSC.


Noting that the earlier proposed 2023 budget for the NAS has decreased compared to its budget in 2022, Go was also among the senators who pushed for additional funding to be added to NAS to support its operations next year.

Go then emphasized the importance of the government and the sports community working together to make the most of the available resources for the betterment of the country's athletes.

"As long as the public fund is put to good use, wisely spent and used solely for its intended purpose, there will be no problem. Just prioritize the welfare of our countrymen. The interest of our countrymen and interest of the government," he emphasized.



Date: January 12, 2023 | By:  | Newspaper: The Manila Times | Source: