Random thoughts at 3AM

Before I deliver my message, allow me to briefly share some thoughts on sports with you. You see, some see sports as just that, an event where medals are won or lost. A contest for physical prowess. However, in the eyes of this man who has spent more than half his life in sports, it is more than that.

Sports is about life; it is not just about winning. It is about the enjoyment of activities. It is learning from the heartache of losing, being fortified by the virtues and character developed in you and learning the right steps to take from observing the ways of people around.
In the many years of sports in this world, it has evolved just as man did. Before it was purely about physical fitness, but it has since evolved into many pictures, both positive and negative.

The core of my message is --- sports plays a very important role in our lives. It is a venue for unity regardless of religion, socio-economic status, and political affiliation. It allows us the grace of moving as one, for a common goal.

It is embedded in our law exactly because it has a role to play in improving the quality of lives of Filipinos. That sports plays a vital role in in helping shape humanity and in nation-building has been recognized not only by our own constitution but also by legal actions and issuance of other nations.

Sports is very important in building up a responsible, wholesome and strong individual of an efficient and strong society, so I am both thrilled and heartened that you, the officers and youth of the Saligan Supreme Student Council put sports as an inspiring and important part of your life – the youth, the future of our nation.

To all the students and esteemed participants present in this webinar, headed by the members of the Saligan Supreme Student Council, I give my warmest greetings.

The inevitable changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic call for introspection, at least for us in the field of sports, whose majority of plans, goals, and even dreams have been put on hold.

We all feel scared, uncertain, and hopeless. It cannot be helped to ask, “When will things go back to the way they were?”
We can answer this at once, maybe there isn’t any turning back now.

We do not know when will the present health atmosphere allow us to push through with our lives. This is the case if we stick to our old timelines.

Adjusting our perspective is the only way for us to continue living our purpose and we must settle with ourselves first, no matter how hard it may be.

Time does not wait for anyone and staying true to one of the virtues instilled by sports, every minute on the shot clock is precious.
Now is the time for us to pick up where we left off and start working again with new ways, especially geared to protect ourselves from the virus.

This webinar is a strong initial move, and it heartens me, as a man of 70 years of age, to see the youth taking the lead in this effort.
Sports took a back seat, but it is a tool to face the present.

Perseverance, commitment, discipline, and tenacity taught by sports can never go wrong.

I hope you maximize the learning in this webinar and develop camaraderie.

Thank you for this opportunity. A pleasant day to all of us!