By Butch Ramirez
Faced with consecutive threats of COVID-19 infection, one cannot avoid the reality of it hitting home. Being an elderly sports educator burdened with asthma and other physical reminders of age, I am considered high-risk for the virus. However, duty calls and I chose to be where I think I could serve more.
So now, I am half-way through another quarantine period. I have tested negative to another round of RT-PCR and here I heard another round might be in order since someone I have been exposed to have tested positive.
The up side of these isolation periods are the extended time I can use to read, write and think. Reminiscing is a given. Realizations are golden.
Being the “father” of more than 1600 national athletes, I could not help but worry for their safety and well-being. Especially now that monitoring is a challenge given the different locations they train. I quell these bouts of worry with the confidence that sports have armed them with the very basic values they need to successfully overcome this health crisis.
From the very beginning, the World Health Organization (WHO), Department of Health (DOH) and government have been drilling the importance of observing the basic safety protocols into our heads:
1. Wear masks
2. Wear face shields
3. Frequently wash hands
4. Practice physical distancing
Pretty basic. Yes. And yet you will see people either doing it wrong, having it partially on for mere compliance or just totally ignoring altogether.
Studies and present data show that strict observation of these protocols significantly lower transmission and infection. The DOH said wearing masks cuts risk by as much as 85%. Supporting it with face shield increases protection from droplets entering your system through your eyes and mouth. A one-meter distance reduces the risk of transmission by 80%.
My dear athletes, just as you might have wondered at the wisdom of stretching when you were starting in sports, only to later on realize the importance of this in preparing your muscles and your body system for the onslaught of physical torture your coach is about to make you do, following protocol pays.
Principle and beliefs with action are nothing. techniques and tactics are useless without practice. AS the good book said “faith without action is dead.” I know that the discipline you have developed through the years will compel you to act and observe the health protocol in place to save you from Covid-19 infection
Sports have instilled the values of dedication, perseverance and discipline in you. Apply it now on how you deal with this virus.
If there are any doubts or fear or you feel that you need to have a medical consultation, reach out to our MSAS unit. They have lines you may reach through email, phone call or text messaging. The contact details will be found at the end.
The present situation might have taken away some of our liberties and curtailed our normal activities, but I know that it cannot take away the discipline that sports has given to you.
Discipline is key, in sports and in life.