PSC prioritizes Diaz’s safety

The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) was delighted to see Hidilyn Diaz making her way back to the gym after a three-month lockdown due to the novel coronavirus.

But sports commissioner Ramon Fernandez wants the three-time Olympian to train with extreme caution.

“It’s very great to see her finally training inside the gym. Definitely, it is way better than training inside a house,” Fernandez told Daily Tribune.

“But still, we can’t be sure. Nobody knows much about this pandemic. She still has to do it with caution because we may never know what will happen next.”

Diaz has yet to formally qualify in the Olympics.

She was on her way to compete in the last leg of qualifiers in Kazakhstan when the deadly pandemic broke out, leaving her and her team, led by Chinese coach Kaiwen Gao, stranded in Kuala Lumpur after the Malaysian government imposed its Movement Control Order (MCO) to curb the spread of the virus.

“When Phase 1 of the MCO started in Malaysia, I panicked, had anxiety and was frustrated. I was thinking how we will survive this,” she said in previous reports.

“The police and military were regulating the movement of people in the city and many businesses and gyms were closed.”

With that, she had no choice but to train inside a condominium unit, using water bottles as weights in the parking lot together with her strength and conditioning coach in Julius Naranjo.

That’s why when the Malaysians finally lifted the restrictions, she immediately trooped to the gym to catch up on her training.

“Her training has always been constant. They always send updates here,” Fernandez said, assuring Diaz that the government is doing everything to finance her buildup despite its financial shortage.

“The support from PSC will always be there. We have been monitoring her training and needs since then.”

Fernandez, however, hopes that Diaz will be safe during training.

Date: June 22, 2020 | Newspaper: Tribune | Source: