PSC keeping tabs on status of athletes amid lockdown

MANILA, Philippines—Filipino athletes from various sports continue to train daily at home, optimistic that everything will return to normal soon.

The Philippine Sports Commission announced that the agency persistently monitors the condition of the national athletes and coaches everyday despite the restricted mobility of members of the sports community caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


“We are on lockdown, but we try our best to be updated on the status of our athletes, coaches and employees,” said PSC Chair Butch Ramirez.

The sports agency has been running its affairs through a virtual office that keeps tabs on athletes from all sports under the care of the PSC.


“As of now, I am thankful that no athlete, coach or employee has been reported positive of COVID-19. We hope it stays that way,” said Ramirez.

The present situation has greatly affected the sports community with all events and activities either canceled or postponed indefinitely.


“In these trying times, safety and health is the priority of everybody. The scheduling of national or international sports events will have to be pushed back in consideration of everyone’s safety,” said Ramirez.

Organizers of the 10th Asean Para Games were forced to reschedule the country’s hosting of the Games in October due to the global calamity that claimed the lives of 14,746 and infected 341,243 people from 192 countries.

If the present situation persists, Ramirez explained that deciding the schedule of such event would be in the hands of the government.

“I understand the goals and dreams of the organizing committee (Philippine Asean Para Games Organizing Committee). But in this national crisis, it would be the government’s advice or decision which will be heeded since there are other factors which need to be considered,” said Ramirez.

Date: March 24, 2020 | By: June Navarro | Newspaper: Inquirer | Source: