PSC orders national pugs to compete in PNG

PSC orders national pugs to compete in PNG
By: Julius Manicad (The Daily Tribune)

The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) will require the Association of Boxing Alliances of the Philippines field in its athletes in the Philippine National Games (PNG) on Friday, denying the Abap's request for exemption in the competitions.

PSC chairman Ritchie Garcia yesterday said all members of the national team are required to see action in the upcoming PNG since it serves as the national tryouts for national athletes to prove they deserve government support.

Garcia said the only exception are those who are either set to compete abroad or still nursing an injuries. But before they would be given the green light to skip, hurting athletes will have to justify their injuries and should seek medical certificates from the Philippine Center for Sports Medicine.

Among the 41 participating NSAs, only the national athletes from wushu are set to fly to China for an international tournament.
"The attendance in this event applies to all sports, either subjective sports or contact sports," Garcia said. "All members of the national team should show up. If they cannot win here, then they must look for other jobs. They have no business being part of the national team."

Last week, Abap executive director Ed Picson warned pitting national boxers against aspiring pugs. He said the Nationals are in top shape and ranging them against new boxers would result in injuries to the newbies.

But Garcia said the challenge doesn't lie on the national boxers, but on how Abap would run the event.

"Abap should come up with able referees to ensure the safety of all participants," he said. "If something unfortunate comes up, then it's not our fault. All technical officials would be coming from them (Abap), so it would be their responsibility to keep everybody safe."
Aside from boxing, other sports on tap are centerpiece athletics and swimming as well as other medal-rich sports like gymnastics, billiards, arnis, taekwondo, wrestling, judo, muay thai, dancesport and shooting.

Basketball would not be played after Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas begged off due to its heavy schedule.

"We want all members of the national team to win, especially those coming from priority sports. Because if they lose, we have no choice but to adjust their allowance. There's no favoritism here. They all have to go out there and defend their slot in the national team program."