Bright prospects

Bright prospects
By: Jonathan Perez (Business Mirror)

THE billiards and judo teams are hoping to contribute 10 gold medals to the country’s campaign in the 27th Myanmar Southeast Asian (Sea) Games.

Perennial world champion Dennis Orcullo and Carlo Biado will lead the country’s campaign in the 9- and 10-ball events while two-time Women’s World 10-Ball winner Rubilen Amit and Iris Ranola will carry the fight in the women’s side. World pool veteran Efren “Bata” Reyes and Francisco de la Cruz are the local bets in snooker’s one cushion carom.

Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam are expected to give the Philippines a tough fight for the gold.

The six-player Philippine team will leave on December 7 while the competition will be held from December 12 to 22.

The nine-player judo squad, meanwhile, is targeting five gold medals in the competitions that will run from December 17 to 22.

Indonesia Sea Games gold medalist Nancy Quillotes-Lucero (45 kilograms), Filipino-Japanese Kyumi Watanabe (66 kg), Helen Dawa (48 kg), Jenielou Mosqueda (57 kg) and Ruth Dugaduga (78 kg) are the country’s female bets while Bryan Quillotes (60 kg), Gilbert Ramirez (73 kg), Lloyd Dennis Catipon (66 kg) and Angelo Gabriel Gumila (90 kg) will lead the men’s campaign.