Citizens Charter

I. Vision, Mission and Objective


To serve as the prime catalyst and advocate for the propagation and development of×Philippine sports by helping shape policies and setting priorities through the following:

● coordinating and implementing a national sports program;

● creating equitable opportunities for participation in sports by all sectors;

● providing assistance to stakeholders and partners;

● supporting the specially talented athletes for high level competitions; and

● promoting the development of those physical qualities and moral values which is the basis of sports.


A Commission with a unified sports program which will enhance the quality of life of the Filipinos, instill national pride and attain international prestige through excellence in sports.

●Increased participation in sports by Filipinos; and

●Excellence in sports performance by Filipinos.


In view of the foregoing guiding principles, vision and mission statement, the PSC will pursue two basic objectives :

● Increased participation in sports by Filipinos; and

● Excellence in sports performance by Filipinos.

II. Performance Pledge 

We, the officials and employees of the Philippine Sports Commission, commit to:

Serve with utmost courtesy and dedication, within office hours and beyond, if delivery of service is exigent;

Observe processing time for each frontline service and require explanation from accountable person/s for any delay of service;

Respond to complaints about services the soonest or within the day through the Public Assistance Desk, and,

Sincerely value our clients' concerns and interest above our own well-being.


III. Frontline Services with Step-by-step Procedure (revised in 2014)


•  Cashier Section

•  National Sports Association Affairs Section

•  Assistance and Coordination Division

•  Transportation Unit

•  Sports Facilities Division

•   Sports Science Center

•   Records Section

•  Baguio Training Camp

•  Philsports Pasig 

•   Dormitory Office


IV. Feedback Form

V. Client Information Sheet

VI. Feedback Mechanism

       Please provide feedbacks on the quality of service our frontline services and employees extended through the following:

       1. Accomplish our Client Feedback Form  (available in our website or Pubic Assistance Desk):

          Compliment: For good services beyond your expectations.

          Complaint: For employees and services that need improvements.

          Suggestion:  For helpful information and contribution that may be considered. 

       2. Please send the Feedback Form at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at the Drop Box located at Public Assistance Desk or mail us at:


          Administrative Division

          Philippine Sports Commission

          Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Pablo Ocampo Street

          Malate, Manila City

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