The three-day Children’s Games in the Municipality of Lupon and Mati City wrapped up Saturday afternoon at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy (Ihma) in Mati City with participants still wanting more.

“Most participants recommended to hold regular Children’s Games as they appreciated the experience of playing with each other and meeting new friends from different parishes and churches,” said Philippine Sports Commssion (PSC) consultant on national grassroots sports development Doctor Serge Opena.

He also noted that Ate and Kuya volunteers’ rating on the program is between three to four, which is in between very good and excellent. The same average rating given by the children.

“I hope more children get to experience playing the games that are almost forgotten by the younger generation,” said one of the volunteers/

Games played were sack race, patintero, tug of peace, Maria went to town, halo-halo relay, ball to cheek relay, ball over-under relay, patintero and hula hoop relay, among others.

“I had fun with the games especially the ball over-under relay),” Cuyno, who belong to San Nicolas de Filipino Cathedral Parish,” said seven year old Rhea Cuyno of Barangay Sainz in Mati City who enjoyed the games and seeing a lot of children playing together.

The two-leg Children’s Games here was held in cooperation with the Diocese of Mati and St. Vincent Ferrer Parish of Lupon; San Isidro Labrador, Banaybanay, Davao Oriental, San Isidro Labrador, Batobato, Davao Oriental, St. Francis Xavier, Ligabog, Davao Oriental and St. Francis Xavier, Luzon, Davao Oriental.



Date: October 31, 2018 | Newspaper: Manila Bulletin | Source: